Spocom is now Cutting Edge Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 861 Otis Orchards, WA 99027-0861
444-INET (4638) or 1-888-660-9541


Spocom's New Email system online 2/28/2008, see below for details.

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Attention Spocom Email Users! Please read and see snapshots below.

Spocom would like to announce our new Email system is online.
Please note that on Thursday (2/28/08) we will have our new email system in place that will affect everyone with a @spocom.com email address.
All New Emails sent to @spocom.com users starting Thursday 2/28/08 will be on the new Email system.
With this change, we will need you to make a few changes to the settings on your computer's Email client program.
This will not change your email address or your password UNLESS your password contains 4 or less characters, or doesn't meet Password Requirements.
Anyone that doesn't meet Password Requirements, or is having issues, will need to call our office at 444-4638 so we can give you a new password.
This new Email system will give each user full control over their spam, personal calendar
, and a lot more via webmail interface.
Spocom users that need temp access to the OLD email system via webmail interface, OLDMAIL CLICK HERE.
Remember that the OLD Email system will only be online until 3/07/08.
We have setup some snapshot examples below to help you setup your email for outlook and outlook express.
If you call us and the phones are busy or you get voice mail, please use are support form. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
Spocom Email users that save email on the old mail system, please contact our support people and they well help you move it to the new system.

You can use the "Check Mail" link in the top left corner to access your new Webmail or this URL http://webmail.spocom.com and save it to your Favorites.

Click Here for Support Form

Outlook incoming and outgoing mail servers should be "mail.spocom.com"
Logon information: user name should be your FULL email address.
Please make sure to check the box "My outgoing mail server (SMTP) Requires authentication" or you won't be able to send out emails.
You can see this in the Examples.




It is our desire at SpoCom.Com to provide Spokane, WA families with cleaner and safer, filtered Internet access. We have placed on our server filtering software which is set to screen out the majority of sites that contain pornography.  We have taken care of that for you by installing "server-side" software that updates automatically and cannot be turned off or tampered with.  

For the safest experience please be involved with your young people's internet experience. The Report Site button on this page is for you to report any site that you may come across that should be filtered and is not.

You may E-mail SpoCom.Com Tech Support by clicking on the link below

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