(Please print this page and file it – with it you can reconfigure your Windows 98 Dialup). Please follow all the steps, even if you're quite computer literate, to insure that all configuration information is correct. If you still have problems, please call SpoCom.Com at 465-4182.

Setup for Windows 98 Dialup Adapter with Ineternet Connection Wizard

  2. In the Connection Wizard select the middle option "I have an existing internet account ..." then NEXT (If you have Internet Explorer 5 installed, select Manual Configuration - the bottom-most selection)
  3. Select top option "Select this option if you are accessing the Internet using an Internet Service Provider" (should already be selected), then NEXT (if you have IE 5, you won't get this option)
  5. Select "Create a New Dialup Connection" if that option window appears, then NEXT
  6. Enter area code 509 in the area code field and 638-2000 in the phone number field, then NEXT (If you have IE 5 also select the "Advanced" button, then the "Addresses Tab", then in the DNS Server addresses at the bottom half of the window select "Always use the following" and enter the primary DNS as - you don't need an alternate - then click the OK button, then NEXT)
  7. Enter your user name and password, then NEXT
  8. Select YES in the Advanced Settings window, then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  9. Select PPP in the Connection Type Windown, then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  10. Select "I don't need to type anything when logging on" in the Logon Procedure Window, then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  11. Select "My Internet Service Provider automatically assigns me one" in the IP Address Window, then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  12. Select "Always use the following" in the DNS Server Window, then type for the Primary DNS - you don't need an Alternate DNS, then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  13. Change the Dialup Connection Name to SpoCom (delete Connection to 638-2000), then NEXT
  14. Select YES in the Setup Internet Mail Account Window, then NEXT
  15. Select "Create a New Internet Mail Account" then NEXT (if you get this option window)
  16. In the Your Name Window type your Name just as you would sign it on your letters (Joseph Blow, or Jane Doe), then NEXT
  17. In the Internet E-mail Address window enter your new SpoCom.Com e-mail address ( - make sure you do not have spaces, or commas instead of periods, and an @ sign seperator - then NEXT
  18. In the My E-mail Server Names Window make sure you have POP3 selected at the top, not IMAP, then in type in the Incoming POP3 server field and in the Outgoing SMTP server field, then NEXT
  19. In the Internet Mail Logon Window select "Logon Using" then enter the first part of your e-mail address (the part before the @ sign) for your account name (i.e. someone for, then enter your password, then NEXT
  20. Leave the "" Friendly Name and select NEXT
  21. Select NO in the "Setup Your Internet News Account", then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  22. Select NO in the "Setup Your Internet Directory Service", then NEXT (If you have IE 5 you won't get this options)
  23. Click the FINISH BUTTON
  24. Click on START, then Settings, then Control Panel, then double-click the Internet icon (If you have IE 5 the icon will be Internet Options)
  25. Change the Home Page address to
  26. Select the Connection Tab, then the Settings Button, then remove the check on "Disonnect if idle for 20 minutes" - this selection just causes problems when checked (If you have IE 5, skip this option)
  27. Select the Programs Tab and make sure Outlook Express is your Mail and News reader.
  28. Click the OK button, then close Control Panel.
  29. Open Outlook Express and Select TOOLS, then ACCOUNTS, then the MAIL TAB, then the PROPERTIES BUTTON, then select the CONNECTION TAB -- change the default setting to to "Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN)" NOT "Connect using my phone line" (If you have Outlook Express 5, select the "Always connect to this account using" then select Local Area Network in the drop-down menu below your check)
  30. Open My Computer, then Dialup Networking, then double-click the SpoCom icon to bring up the Connect To window.
  31. The phone number should read 638-2000; if you have Call Waiting, it should read *70, 638-2000.
  32. You set the phone number options by clicking on the Dial Properties Button.
  33. Area Code should read 509
  34. For local calls dial... should be blank
  35. For long distance calls, dial... should read 1
  36. If you have Call Waiting, you should check the box "To disable call waiting, dial" and select *70, from the drop-down menu on the right of that line.
  37. NOTE: if you have Call Messaging, you must clear your messages each time before you log onto the Internet, or you will not get through.

This will setup a new Connection called SpoCom in MY COMPUTER/DIALUP NETWORKING.

Setup for Internet Mail
(This information is all the information you need for any mail reader)

SMTP Mail Server =
POP 3 Mail Server =
General Mail Server (for Eudora or Pegasus Mail) =
E-mail address = your e-mail address – example:
Account name = the part of your e-mail address before the @ symbol – in example above "someone"
Password = your password
Connection = you use a LAN connection, not your phone line or modem, not a proxie server

Suggestions: set your options to SEND MESSAGES IMMEDIATELY (Send Tab in Internet Mail Options) and CHECK FOR MAIL EVERY 30 MINUTES (Read Tab in Internet Mail Options) -- this will set your mail reader to send your e-mail immediately instead of placing it in the outbox for later send, and will make your mail reader automatically check your mail when you open it.  In Eudora, you need to add a number of minutes (30) in the Tools/Options/Checking Mail for Eudora to automatically check your mail when you open it.

All the Setup Information you need

area code = 509
dialup phone number = 638-2000
primary DNS =
secondary or alternate DNS =

domain =
POP3 mail server =
SMTP mail server =
General mail server (if only one) =

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