How to set up and use Outlook Express

(E-mail client program from Microsoft)

NOTE: this program will handle multple mailboxes, but it puts all mail in the same inbox where there is no privacy if there are multiple users.  The latest version of Outlook Express (installs with Internet Explorer 5.0) sets up profiles, however and this is no longer a problem.  This page is for setting up and using Outlook Express 4.0.

Configuring Outlook Express for your E-mail account

1. Open Outlook Express. If you have not used Outlook Express before, it will "Browse for Folder" -- select the "OK" button taking the default location. If you have not used Outlook Express before, the program will then bring up a wizard asking for the following information:

Display Name = your name as you would sign it at the bottom of a letter (this is a signature that will go out on all of your e-mails) -- then click the NEXT button.

E-mail Address = your e-mail address, such as: -- then click the NEXT button.

E-mail Server Names = you use a POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) server type not IMAP and both the incoming POP3 and SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) servers are -- then click the NEXT button.

Friendly Name = can be anything to identify this account, like John's mail or Dad's mail, etc... -- then click the NEXT button.

Connection Type = you connect using your local area network (LAN), not your NOT your phone line (you connect to the server with your phone line, but you get your mail through the LAN (local area network) -- then click the NEXT button.

Finish = click finish and the account is setup

NOTE: You need not be logged on to change or check the configuration settings of Outlook Express.

Additional Tweaks You need to Make to Outlook Express

2. Open Outlook Express, then select Tools on the Menu Bar, then select Options in the drop-down menu.

3. In the General Tab, leave the default check boxes, but also add checks to:
    Empty messages from deleted items folder on exit
    When starting go directly to my inbox folder

4. In the Send Tab, leave the defaults, but change the Mail Sending Format to Plain Text rather than HTML, unless you know HTML and plan to send your mail in that format (most people can't program HTML and some mail readers can't read it, so Plain Text is better for 99% of users)

5. In the Read Tab, leave all the defaults, but select the FONTS button and change font size from Medium to Small, unless you need large fonts to read your letters.  The Medium default setting is quite large.

6. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the Options Window and you're done.

To Setup Additional Accounts in your Outlook Express

7. Open Outlook Express and select Tools on the Menu bar, then Accounts.

8. Select the Mail Tab in the Accounts Window

9. Select the Add Button, then Mail -- this will bring up the same wizard you started this program with and you can add additional e-mail accounts (see number 1. above)

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