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These Search Engine links can keep you going for hours across the WWW (World-wide Web). Or scroll down this page to find many other very good links.

Meta Crawler Search (no duplicates - very efficient & few banners if any)

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Here are a few other links that you might want to try:

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Some great information sites:

American Family Association: The American Family Association homepage; information pertaining to family values, etc...
The Blue Letter Bible: Online Bible, helps, studies and links, and it's fast!
CNN News Interactive: CNN Cable News Network, an interactive news homepage where you can catch the latest news from around the world -- a must try.
The Christian Coalition: Christianity and politics.
Christian Links: Christian links page that includes just about everything.
Discovery Channel Online: The Discovery Channel cyberspace style.
The Family Research Council: Defending family, faith and freedom.
FOX News Online: a fair and balanced news perspective.
Gutenberg Project: Readers, this is the place to go! E-texts of all the classics and more!
Library of Congress: a lot more here than what you might imagine.
Los Angeles Times: an excellent cybernewspaper.
MSNBC: Microsoft and NBC team up to bring you the news from around the world.
NASA Online: for those interested in science of all kinds.
New York Times: another excellent cybernewspaper.
Promise Keepers: Promise Keepers Online official page.
The Smithsonian Institute: One of the World's best museums online.
US News Online: an excellent World & National News site.
The Weather Channel: what kind of weather to expect practically anywhere.

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Here are a couple more that meet specific needs:

to McAfee McAfee Home Page: the latest in antivirus protection, fully functional trial copies and more, or try the McAfee FTP Site.

Microsoft Corporation: lots of Microsoft add-ons, Internet Explorer, and more.

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These are some of the best software download sites available:

Have patience, for they are often quite busy, but they have lots of good shareware catagorized in easy to follow indexes.

SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository
NoNags, freeware and shareware
Tucows, the ultimate software download site
Oak Software Repository
Windows Archive: if you want games, try here!
MIT's Macintosh archive
University of Michigan's Macintosh Public Domain and Shareware Archive

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Check it out!

These are some of the pages available directly from the SpoCom server and our clients
(content is not necessarily in keeping with SpoCom's views or opinions)

Ballard Creek Llamas: if you're into Llamas, or even if you're not, try this page.
Becks Harvest House Online: the best in fruit straight from Spokane's own Greenbluff area
BullsEye Amusement: arcade games and much more
Creston Homes NW: will fill your modular home needs.
No Title, but interesting : Public Administration in an Anti-Government Era.
Gary Todd's Homepage: what else can we say -- stop by and see it.
General Pump Mechanics: fix your pump or buy a new one
GMF International: the Apostolic Church in action.
Greenfield Communities: modular home community
Harvest Christian Fellowship Online: the Spokane church that pioneered the generational vision
Inland NorthWest Llama Association: This is the place for llama's, including most of the ranches in the area.
Joel Weldon's Homepage: Spokane's own gospel singer-evangelist
Liberty Motel: you guessed it, the Liberty Motel
Marshall Excavating: they do much more than dig holes, take a look and see
Mead United Methodist Church: Mead UMC's homepage - I like it.
NoahArk.com - just check it out - it's got tons of good info and products to buy
Nuxoll & Brauckman: Carla Nuxoll & Dr. James Brauckman's pages.
Scott Poole's Poetry: the pen, the mind - Scott's great poetry!
Teen Aid (Spokane, WA): for abstinence based sex-ed courses and much more 
Volcano Web: Bill's homepage about Volcano's - he loves questions.

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